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Ashtanga Yoga

Yoga Teacher Mentorship

Our mentorship programs offer a unique opportunity for you to work directly with our program director and master teacher, Colleen O'Brien McFall. Through this program you'll build upon your existing skillset, develop new tools for teaching and supporting students, grow and expand your knowledge of yoga while building confidence in teaching various styles of yoga to a variety of populations.

Our yoga teacher mentorship programs are fully customizable therefore no matter the area of study or skillset you're looking to develop, you will receive exactly the support and guidance that you need to take your teaching skills to the next level.

Included in your mentorship program is an unlimited membership to Danja Yoga Studios so that you have the opportunity to not only learn but also observe, assist, and practice with your mentor.

Stretching on a Mat_edited.jpg

10 Sessions + 3 mos Studio Membership

Warrior One

5 Sessions + 1 Mos Studio Membership

Dancer in Studio

1 Session + 1 Week Studio Membership

Evolve Your Teaching Skills

Let's hop on a free discovery call so we can hear more about you and how we can best support you!

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